Educate Your Audience To Drive Action and Deliver Long-Term ROI.

We offer the highest-quality selection when it comes to solutions designed to help you educate and influence the market. We can make market influence the primary driver of your campaign or a facet of a multi-purpose program.

Educate your audience to build trust, establish thought leadership, and nurture customer relationships.

Opportunities To Influence

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Advertorials – Short

Generate long-lasting and informative content that reaches the Lab Manager audience online, in print, and across our digital media channels through our “Products in Action”, “How It Works”, or “Ask The Expert” advertorial opportunities.

Advertorial – Enhanced

Define your brand identity through storytelling with this native advertising opportunity that allows you to educate, engage, and collect lead information from our audience.

Lab Manager Magazine cover image
Lab Manager Magazine cover image

Advertorials – Big Picture

Strengthen your brand’s position, amplify your reach, and establish meaningful connections within the lab management community through this digital series of top-tier editorial content.


Embrace visual appeal, engage your audience, and generate marketing-ready leads through a medium that offers proven results.

Lab Manager Magazine cover image

Build Something Custom

Influencing your audience is just one piece of the puzzle. We will work with you to design a cross-platform, multi-dimensional campaign that hits the mark.

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